Steen Østergaard 1935

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Cado dining chairs

The color beat

Our latest drop is a homage to the city that raised our eye for design. 

Copenhagen, Copenhagen – Cado, five stacking dining chairs from 1970s Denmark. Designed by Sten Østergaard, furniture designer, Inventor, and Architect born in Denmark in 1935, Nominated “The designer of The furniture of the future” already in 1965. 

These exclusive chairs are designed in the Scandinavian manner of “Form follow function.” The design is both fun, stylish, and practical. Able to rest in a corner when not in use, lightweight to be able to be placed around the dining table easily – and of course, when sitting in them, very enjoyable. The structure rocks slightly to offer comfort during an extended dinner/meeting. 

The colors tho – a mix between royal blue solid cast plastic structure and the original turquoise wool cushion. 

Embrace a Danish design icon via a set of dining chairs with the pop of colors your dining/meeting room desires.

Use the set outdoors or indoors.  

D: 17,7 in, W: 20,5 in, H: 29,5 in, Seat H: 18 in.


Price: $3,300.00